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      The Africa Telecom Transmission Network Map is an independently verified map of Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ fibre network.

      Terrestrial Fibre

      A network of over 110,000km expanding across Africa over the last ten years to more than twenty countries - north, south, east and west.

      Subsea Fibre

      Connecting Africa to the rest of the world with ownership and access to ten subsea cables surrounding the continent.

      Satellite Connectivity

      Liquid satellite can connect you “Business Speed” to the Internet at up to 50Mbps anywhere in Africa.

    • Ethernet

      Enable customers to connect branch offices, over 13 African countries on-net and many others via partners.

      Dedicated Internet Access

      Reliable, scalable and affordable dedicated access that is backed by regional and local support centres.


      Whether you are an Internet Service Provider, Content Provider or a Carrier, our IP Transit is the right choice.


      Liquid operates open peering in Africa.


      Link a customer’s business to local and global cloud services.

      Satellite Broadcast

      From FTA & DTH to managed services and colocation.

      DDOS Defend

      Protection from a Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

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International connectivity into, within, and out of Africa

A trusted, reliable, world standard partner for your business

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Enabling new trade with Africa on a single network like no other

Liquid Intelligent Technologies recognises Africa’s potential and connects it to the global economy. We created 110,000km of fibre routes to transport data across the length and breadth of the continent and provided access to submarine cables.

With all of this infrastructure in place, it is now possible for companies to expand their operations across borders on the African continent using our reliable and extensive network. With Liquid, customers can also access to digital services like the cloud, cyber security, satellite, IoT networks, and digital infrastructure like our numerous state-of-the-art data centres.

We provide you control, cost leadership, and scale so that you can focus on running your business. We combine infrastructure and services for the best solution to suit your needs, all under one single contract and service management.

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A one-stop shop for international connectivity into Africa

Liquid recognises Africa’s potential and connects it to the global economy. We’ve created different terrestrial fibre routes that provide access to extensive satellite services and even sub-sea cables. At Liquid Intelligent Technologies, we believe in African potential. We firmly believe we can change the face of the internet in Africa and create a level playing field for all Africans to compete globally.

Leveraging our own infrastructure

Over the past two decades, Liquid has steadily manoeuvred through Africa, investing in increasing its reach. Through our owned infrastructure, we have brought local businesses access to the Cloud and Cyber Security solutions in addition to our existing telecoms and connectivity capability.

Software Defined Network

Liquid’s SDN offering will include a fully managed service, where we monitor all components associated with traffic flow, including ports, protocols, applications and bandwidth being used. With us, our customers can focus on their core business while we manage their network for them.

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We've got you connected

Contact our team for the best solution to connect any location in Africa

Terrestrial Fibre Connectivity

Over 110,000km of terrestrial fibre across Africa giving access to all sub-Saharan countries via our One Africa broadband network. 100,000 buildings connected, over 40 Points of Presence, over 800 Internet Peers in Africa.

The footprint of our fibre network, that we own and operate (over 40 telecom licenses) with our highly-skilled local staff, is unparalleled on the Continent.

We provide you with the most extensive and secure connectivity solutions following international standards (MEF 2.0).

Subsea Fibre Connectivity

Over 64,000km of subsea cables around Africa, with capacityon, or access to 2Africa, EASSY, EQUIANO, Peace, SAT3/SAFE, TEAMS and WACS. Landings in 25 countries, on both the West and East coasts of Africa.

We have invested and have inventory in the largest submarine cables landing in Africa, providing reliability, cost leadership and reach to millions of businesses and people across the Continent.

We give you access to the largest and fastest-growing African economies, with unprecedented bandwidth (multiple Terabit/s).

Satellite Connectivity

Available in 27 countries, Liquid’s VSAT services are all provided in-house, so we offer the highest levels of service to our customers consistently, and we are a trusted service recognised across the continent as providing customers with fast and reliable internet access.

From individual customers and SMEs to the largest blue-chip partners, our team can help connect you or your business today.

Find out how our range of satellite services delivers some of the fastest internet speeds to customers anywhere on the continent.

Benefits of Liquid Dataport

High-speed connectivity is the key ingredient to ensure that 4IR and its associated technologies work effectively. With Liquid Dataport, customers get access to our own extensive fibre network of over 110,000km, offering resilience in the case of a fibre break and one point of contact for the whole network. Satellite services are available in 27 African countries.

Trusted by global carriers and the largest African players

Reducing operational risks for our customers  

Recognised experts for national and international connections in Sub Saharan Africa

A scalable platform from 1Gbps to 10Tbps on selected routes

A global approach to our systems and processes

Access to lowest cost structure

Liquid Dataport News

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