Liquid operates open peering in Africa. Many ‘Tier 1’ global providers who offer IPT in Africa typically hold their global selective/restrictive peering policies that they run globally. Which makes their services to be very unattractive to African enterprise since they often have very high latency from African eyeballs to African enterprise, as the local traffic has to leave the country to the nearest Internet Exchange before finding the most suitable route back.

Lower AS path length meaning we deliver more capacity to our IPT customers than other competitors who don’t have direct peers

Lower costs by having diverse peering in Africa, as local traffic stays local

Superior product for African enterprise e.g. a bank in Uganda buy our IPT, by having all ISP providers in Uganda being either customers or peers then we offer direct linkage from eyeballs in Uganda to digital banking service provider

Very attractive network to content delivery based global networks to buy our IPT. Note notable content providers are IPT customers in Africa, and the benefit to these logos are that we have 180 + IPT customers in Africa plus a lot more peers

Balanced traffic - the gain from having a mixture of content networks as well as eyeball networks ensures we have a balanced traffic profile compared to many other who mainly have more download

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