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      The Africa Telecom Transmission Network Map is an independently verified map of Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ fibre network.

      Terrestrial Fibre

      A network of over 110,000km expanding across Africa over the last ten years to more than twenty countries - north, south, east and west.

      Subsea Fibre

      Connecting Africa to the rest of the world with ownership and access to ten subsea cables surrounding the continent.

      Satellite Connectivity

      Liquid satellite can connect you “Business Speed” to the Internet at up to 50Mbps anywhere in Africa.

    • Ethernet

      Enable customers to connect branch offices, over 13 African countries on-net and many others via partners.

      Dedicated Internet Access

      Reliable, scalable and affordable dedicated access that is backed by regional and local support centres.


      Whether you are an Internet Service Provider, Content Provider or a Carrier, our IP Transit is the right choice.


      Liquid operates open peering in Africa.


      Link a customer’s business to local and global cloud services.

      Satellite Broadcast

      From FTA & DTH to managed services and colocation.

      DDOS Defend

      Protection from a Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

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One Africa Digital Network

Linking Africa north to south, east to west

Liquid Intelligent Technologies recognises Africa’s potential and connects it to the global economy.

A digitally connected future that leaves no African behind. This is the vision that drives our network expansion across Africa.

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Simple Interconnection

Expanding Your Reach

Single Provider

Industry Leading Support

For the first time, carriers can cross Africa with three different terrestrial routes

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Central Corridor

The two central corridors offer a fully diversified route linking the Indian Ocean cables to the Atlantic Ocean taking the shortest path. Our customers can connect via Mombasa or Dar Es Salaam on the East coast and via Muanda or Luanda on the West coast. 

Our upgraded regional and national backhaul networks ensure greater service levels for DIA, IPLC and IP Transit services within the region.We offer supplier redundancy as we have access to multiple Data Centres and multiple Cable Landing Stations.

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Southern Corridor

The southern corridor is the most cost-effective route linking the Indian Ocean cables to the Atlantic Ocean. Our customers can access all landing stations on both sides of the continent in South Africa. Our upgraded regional and national backhaul networks ensure greater service levels for DIA, IPLC and IP Transit services within the region.
Twice in 2020, numerous organisations in Southern Africa experienced downtime in their internet connectivity, due to the break in the WACS cable system. At Liquid, customers enjoy protected connection end-to-end, ensuring that our customers were unimpacted.

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West Africa Connectivity

West Africa network provides a cost-effective, reliable, and secure connectivity solution to all international carriers, multinationals, mobile operators and ISPs. Liquid also combines its unparalleled connectivity capability with innovative cyber security solutions such as DDOS protection.

At Liquid Dataport, we are continually working to ensure ubiquitous access to highspeed connectivity across the Western countries on the African continent.

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Africa map

The Africa Telecom Transmission Network Map

The map is an independently verified map of Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ fibre network, created by Africa Bandwidth Maps, a specialist provider of GIS cartographic services.

Reliable, secure and multi-route circuits providing the best value for money in Africa

Let us de-risk your operations and you can expect a world-class service level – you choose whether to invest upfront or leverage our infrastructure with an opex model.

National and international terrestrial fibre combined with subsea cables, data centres and VSAT through investments of over $1.5 billion gives you a unique opportunity to offer high-quality services across the African continent. You and your customers can benefit from Layer 2 Ethernet services (EPL), MPLS, Dark Fibre, cloud on-ramp connectivity, colocated Points of Presence, NNI’s, and wholesale DIA services.

Check the live network performance between POPs

Check the Global POP list


While our footprint on the continent is extensive, we are aware our customers have ambitions to expand their operations into newer territories like Europe and the Americas. As a result, liquid has partnered with numerous international organisations like Orange, Zayo, Unitas Global and Facebook to ensure that our customers don’t have to undergo teething problems like finding connectivity partners when they launch operations in new regions.

Our strategic partnerships allow us to be Africa’s leading digital solutions provider, offering high-speed connectivity, superior data centre, Cloud, Cyber Security, and Managed IT services on the continent and globally.

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