Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is backed by our IP Transit Services that connects our expansive pan-African fibre network to the five main sub-sea cable systems and growing. Our African network is connected to every Internet exchange in southern and eastern Africa where we have a point of presence, making it the most reliable, peered and efficient network in Africa, meaning we keep and deliver most of the traffic within Africa.

Reliable, scalable and affordable dedicated access that is backed by regional and local support centres with a leading Service Level Agreement, Liquid Intelligent Technologies is the partner to choose when looking for best-in-class Internet Access.

With over 1,500 peering agreements and direct connectivity to several Tier 1 partner networks in Europe, Liquid Intelligent Technologies is the most peered network in Africa. We’re the first carrier to support native IPv6 and IPv4 on our backbone.


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