Ethernet Services

Our Ethernet services enable customers to connect branch offices, data centres, cloud services, Internet at high speed over a secure and robust core network spanning over 13 African countries on-net and many others via partners.

Liquid’s Ethernet services are designed to address the increasing demand for high-speed data services across Africa, the world or simply across the street by providing Ethernet Services in 300 locations in 200 countries on 6 continents.

High Speed Connectivity

Faster transfer of business-critical data, enabling better communication with shared internet, voice, video and shared software applications in real time. Business critical applications running smoothly.

Resilient & Reliable

Running over our MPLS network it ensures high availability and peace of mind.

Low Latency

Liquid provides the optimum routing path ensuring that Business critical applications run smoothly providing an enhanced user experience. With the SDN enabled service, customers will be able to specify routing.

Optimised Performance

Liquid Intelligent Technologies offers Ethernet services to meet your business needs through a selection of optimum paths for data.

Partner with the industry’s leading network in Africa

Ethernet Private Line

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) is a private and dedicated point-to-point network that provides customers with the highest security, transparency and total control to move their business-critical data between branch offices. This service gives customers full control of IP routing to make rapid changes without contacting Dataport.


Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EV-PL) is a point-to-point network using virtual circuit and is a hub and spoke solution with the ability to link multiple branch offices through a central site.


Ethernet Private LAN

Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) is a fully meshed network allowing any-to-any connectivity.


Liquid Ethernet



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