Liquid Intelligent Technologies achieves 100,000 km of fibre, making them the largest independent network provider in Africa and other emerging markets


Digital solutions provider Liquid Intelligent Technologies achieves the 100,000 km fibre network milestone, positioning the organisation as the largest independent fibre network provider in emerging markets globally. Liquid has been manoeuvring steadily through Africa, investing in increasing its reach, which it has successfully done, moving the dial from 89,989 km at the beginning of 2021 to reach […]

Liquid Intelligent Technologies accelerates the digital economy in South Africa by increasing access to digital services and high-speed connectivity.

SA NLD+5+and+6

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid) South Africa, part of the leading pan-African technology group Liquid Intelligent Technology today, announces the successful completion of two key digital corridors – NLD5 and NLD6 connecting Durban to Cape Town via the inland route. The completion of this fibre network will support the surging demand for high-speed internet as an […]

Liquid Intelligent Technologies redundant subsea network unaffected by Red Sea cable outages

Redundant subsea

Liquid Telecom’s intelligent network remains unaffected by the recent Red Sea subsea cable outages that impacted many other providers of international connectivity. Liquid Telecom, a leading pan-African telecommunications group, ensured continuity of service to its customers during the recent outages of the SEA-ME-WE 5 and EIG submarine cables. Liquid Telecom operates an intelligent subsea cable […]

Liquid Intelligent Technologies and Zayo partner to Expand Global Network Coverage

Liquid Zayo

Leading pan-African telecoms group, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, has announced their partnership with Zayo Group Holdings, Inc., a global leader of Communications Infrastructure. The partnership will see Liquid Intelligent Technologies and Zayo leveraging existing networks for many of their customers who have operations in North America and Europe in addition to their African operations.  “We have […]

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Accelerates Cross-Border Connectivity in Botswana


Liquid Intelligent Technologies is expanding fibre access through Botswana’s Lobatse border to Gaborone, dramatically increasing connectivity and network capacity in the country.  Leading pan-African telecoms group, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, is activating 82 km of fibre in a cross-border network into Botswana. This implementation gives more people in Botswana access to Liquid Intelligent Technologies’s footprint of […]